Visit the San Miguel Market in Madrid

The Mercado de San Miguel is one of those places that every tourist visiting Madrid has to know.

Located a few meters from the Plaza Mayor in Madrid, the Mercado de San Miguel brings together more than 30 food, beer and wine stalls under one roof. All with the intention that visitors can taste a lot of dishes of Spanish cuisine.

Mind you, the prices of this place are a little above average. In fact, the public that visits the San Miguel Market is basically made up of foreign tourists, and we already know what this means: tourist place = higher prices. Remember that the best places to eat in a city are those where local residents go.

Even so the food is very delicious, and it is not bad to go and meet it, spend some time and taste some cap and wine glass. But it is not to frequent it constantly and, if you live in Madrid, you know perfectly well that there are other cheaper options, although not all together in one place, where to eat delicious.

If you are visiting Madrid, visit Mercado San Miguel is a good idea. Take a tour of it, eat some fish croquettes, go to the stand where they serve cones of mixed sea fritters. Try a serving of paella. Have a glass of wine, some Serrano ham and some candy. Then go out and compare prices in other places 😉

market of san miguel madrid la latina

Mercado de San Miguel schedule

It is open from Monday to Sunday and the hours are from 10:00 to 24:00 on Sundays Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday, Friday and Saturday of 10 : 00 a 2:00.

You can get more information on its official website.

How to get there

The Mercado de San Miguel is located in the Plaza from San Miguel, and is a few meters from the emblematic Plaza Mayor. The nearest Metro is the Sol station (Lines 1, 2 and 3 and Cercanías trains).

mercado de san miguel

What to eat at the Mercado de San Miguel

Ideally, visit the Mercado de San Miguel to eat tapas. They have a variety of typical Spanish dishes that are worth trying.

You can eat a delicious tapa of paella accompanied by a glass of red wine.

 paella and wine

Or if you prefer, you can taste a variety of pinchos and montaditos.

 pinchos y montaditos

There are also croquettes, although a little expensive. The cooked one is not worth it, ask for the others, which are pretty good.

croquettes faces

There are many empanadas. Causes request one of each type.


Have you tried the black rice? This could be your chance to do it.

rice black market san miguel

There are fish and seafood stands not only for eating on the spot, but to take home.


You can also buy fresh fruits and vegetables.

 fruits and vegetables

And there are candy stalls based on pistachio as well as ice cream. In fact there are several sweet options in the market.

many sweets

Many people love the Mercado de San Miguel, and I go back and repeat: it's not bad at all. But it is too touristy. To go once and again and now.