About Oley Turnpike Dairy and reviews

The Oley Turnpike Dairy, built in 1970, opened in June of the same year as a farm dairy store, processing our own milk and making our own ice cream.

Our Zoo was established in 1991, starting with just two baby calves. Over the years weve added sheep, goats, llamas, alpacas and other numerous animals leading up to the present day with between 80 to 90 animals and birds. This also includes our monkey house which was added in 1993. 
Our fall festival was started in the mid 1990's with hayrides and a small hand-built maze in our yard. Today the  Fall Fest, beginning the last week of September, covers over 20 acres and now includes a hayride, play area, corn maze, space for parties and the zoo. 

The  Country Diner was added in the year 2000. Along with our home cooked country dining fare, we run daily specials for dinner; also serving breakfast and lunch every day of the week. We also have over 30 flavors of delicious ice cream in our ice cream parlor. 

Come join us at the Oley Turnpike Dairy 
and share in all the fun!



Charlie T.

This is a great family event!  Not only can you get a. Good Pa Dutch meal, they have all sorts and types of ice cream and candies. They have a nice small petting zoo that kids and adults can enjoy and a Play area for the kids.  Every other week they have a cruise'n that I enjoy as I get my dinner or walk the dog in their large parking fieldToo much going on for me to write about as well as the pleasing people that operate this fun placeCharlie Trexler


Kim K.

A friend recommended this place to me a few years ago.  There is a diner with traditional and Pennsylvania Dutch food, an ice cream parlor and a petting zoo.  The diner is not anything fancy, but the service is friendly.  Their local baked goods are nice.  They serve Nelson's ice cream, including seasonal flavors and sell a variety of candy and novelties.  My favorite part of each visit is the little petting zoo.  It used to be free, but on our most recent visit they charged a dollar per person.  You can also get a bag of feed for .50.  The zoo is mostly goats of all ages and sizes, but there are also miniature donkeys, potbelly pigs, alpacas and chickens.  There are a few surprises too, including zebu (a miniature Asian cow), an emu and a fallow deer.  Unless specifically labeled, all the animals are really gentle and sweet.  My young son gets so tickled by they way they run to see him and receive a treat or an ear scratch.  Beware in late September - they do a fall event with some activities for the kids, which are overpriced.  I prefer to visit when things are business as usual.


Tuff Cook E.

I wanted this to be a great, old fashioned, 'greasy spoon' diner. Instead it was edible, but decidedly not good. 4 of us ordered a lot of food for breakfast. The decent: scrambled eggs, coffee. The not good: everything else. French toast- unclooked and slimy in the middle. Link sausage - completely dried out. Biscuits and gravy -biscuit was ok, gravy was just flour and water- no spice, no sausage, no pepper. Home fries- just unspiced potatoes- no oily goodness, no onions or peppers, no spice salt or pepper. Hash browns- no crispy, no flavor. Omelette had little cheese and undercooked in the middle. We ordered a single pancake and it was ok, but after multiple reminders it came at the end of the meal. The waitress was nice enough, but they were too busy for her to check on us. The food just lacked flavor or any of the 'comfort food' flavors you'd expect from a diner.


Blake F.

Oley Turnpike Dairy is a venue with a restaurant, ice cream bar and petting zoo. Unfortunately, somebody broke into this place and stole four of their exotic birds. The birds stolen were yellow headed amazons, a yellow sun conure and an African Gray Parrot. Fortunately, this petting zoo is taking action in attempting to find these birds. They are asking for the birds to be returned and are looking on websites and auctions for the birds. The zoo taking this action shows that they really care about their animals and I am sure they live great lives.The entire zoo is actually free and is intended for children. I hope these four birds are found!


Diana G.

We came here for an after dinner ice cream treat.  We were not too pleased with the place compared to the other reviews.  The freezer was broken, so our served ice cream was half melted when received.  We went to sit outside so our daughter could play on their play ground, and she was very disappointed.  It was very outdated and they used a lot of baby gyms.   The other kids playing were not supervised, and they were pretty young.  They were getting violent with each other and one even tried to get physical with my daughter.   My husband was not happy, because he said he had great memories of this place when he was young.  We will not come back because it was too outdated, unsupervised, and the product was not worth the price.


Sara S.

The petting zoo is free and there is a wide variety of animals. The animals are cute and friendly. The Oley diner also sells Nelson's ice cream from Royersfords PA. There also is a wide variety of ice cream flavors. You can get sundaes, milkshakes, and have ice cream in a cup or cone. Attached to the ice cream area and diner is a small antique shop with many Pennsylvania items such as redware. Baked goods and candy sold in bags are also in the store. The diner itself is set in a beautiful country setting overlooking farm fields.


Kyle S.

Great reasonable place for diner type breakfast and lunch!  Great specials and plenty of seating.  Attached to an ice cream store and a petting zoo!  Service is quick and great on the go!


Tina B.

Great place located just mins off route 662!They have a nice pet zoo, that is free but the do have a donation box to help with the animals. They also have animal cracker available inside for a small price. The kids will love to feed the animals!!They also have a large play area for the kids to run some energy off! After they wind down, grab some nice meal, or some great ice cream all at a fair price!They also do hayrides in the fall, check out all the different events offered!


Monica F.

Nice place to bring the kids for a few hours. They have a cute petting zoo with alpacas, goats, sheep, a pig, an ostrich, a peacock, and some turkeys. One may purchase a pack of crackers to feed the animals for .50. They also have a small playground and delicious homemade ice cream.


Carol W.

I understand that the Dairy is a local institution and has its faithful followers, I used to be one of them. The original property owners have been running the restaurant off and on over the past years and that has created some issues. The newest management in my opinion is not capable.  The overall service they provide is mediocre and have proven not to be customer service oriented!!  The restaurant food is questionable as to the freshness, the ice cream is still great. The kids that scoop are so inconsistent and lazy at times. I have noticed that if you are a friend or family the scoop sizes are larger and the way they used to be years ago. That's a big let down. The public would be better served if the product was weighed in my opinion at least there would be more consistency. The prices have gone up a bit! The property owners are great about supporting community events I hope they keep that up. It's great that the zoo is still open but the little playground and the zoo could use some TLC. I will continue to take my Grandchildren to feed the animals but will no longer purchase from the dairy bar. I am still hoping that they find whomever it was that broke into the bird sanctuary!


Amanda B.

Great food and laid back atmosphere. Food is always quick.  Standard comfort foods for a cold day and ice cream when it's hot out.


Greg P.

The Oley Turnpike Dairy is the perfect place to bring the kids for ice cream or a snack. They have a free petting zoo in the back with lots of animals. A Berks County Classic.


Drew B.

The ice cream is great.  You can't go wrong with Nelson's.  However the scoop sizes are becoming increasingly small, so it is feeling like a bit off a rip off.  You get far more for the money at other ice cream shops that also sell Nelson's

About Oley Turnpike Dairy and reviews

About Oley Turnpike Dairy and reviews