Peruvian food in Buenos Aires

This post of Peruvian food in Buenos Aires is a collaboration that I wrote for the travel guide Muybuenosaires.Com. If you plan to go to the capital of Argentina, I recommend you visit that website so you know what to do and where to go in that big city.

In Buenos Aires, visitors usually eat meat, choripanes, empanadas and tons of sweets. When I have gone, I always spend the first 48 hours faithful to this ritual. Later I get tired and I look for other options.

Fortunately, the Argentine capital has a very interesting international food offer.

For example, Peruvian food in Buenos Aires has gained popularity. On my last visit last year, I decided to visit a couple of places to see how it goes.

Peruvian Food Restaurants in Buenos Aires

Restaurant Nazca, Flavors of Peru

In full Avenida Córdoba, at number 3579, a few blocks from the outlets, is the restaurant Nazca, Sabores del Perú . A simple place, with a menu that offers varied options of the incredible gastronomy of this Andean country.

The ingredients and the ability of the cook achieve their purpose: the food tastes the same as the one I tasted months ago in full center of Lima.

Anticuchos, stuffed causes, ceviches, tamales, tacu tacu, chili pepper, rice chaufa, chupes, pork rinds, fish to the male ... all the essentials of Peruvian cuisine you can get it in this place.

On my last visit to Nazca, Sabores del Perú I enjoyed a very well prepared grouper to the male (fish coated with lightly spicy seafood sauce accompanied with white rice), along with an Inka Cola.

(Pictured above : sautéed noodles with seafood, below: grouper fillet a la macho)

The place is not the cheapest in Buenos Aires, but it is worth visiting. p>

My recommendation is that you order a good ceviche from the house and then some of the chef's suggestions.

Sandwiches "El peruanito Ray"

Another recommendation of Peruvian food in Buenos Aires is to get close to Fitz Roy 2244 with Paraguay, in the neighborhood of Palermo Hollywood, and eat at El Peruanito Ray , a small stand of Peruvian sandwiches on the street that is amazing. I went only once and I dream of returning to Argentina only to return to this place.

There are sandwiches, hamburgers and juices. They all look better than the other.

If you get to go, ask for a Baked Piglet with French fries, and if your stomach is large, then ask for one of Baked Pavita.

The best of the place? Your sauces! Mayonnaise, avocado sauce, spicy, huancaína, etc, you can try them all.

¿The prices? As to go every day to try everything on the menu.

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