Oley Turnpike Dairy Zoo

Welcome to the Oley Turnpike Dairy Zoo, home to over 80 different mammals and birds. We have everything from well-known farm animals to exotics from all over the world!Discover: yaks peacocks turkeys  goats deer wallabys chickens sheep pigs monkeysrabbits horses ducks alpacas llamas geese cows donkeys

Come out and make friends with our cute wallaby or feed our miniature horse! Whatever you do here, it will be a fun AND educational experience for kids of all ages.

A few things you should know:
1. The zoo does provide hand washingfacilities for a safe andclean environment.   2. Please do not feed the animals 'people'food, as it can harm the animals. However, the Zoo does make availablespecial crackers, which are safe for theanimals, for customers to purchase.3. The Oley Turnpike Dairy Zoo gratefully 
accepts donation to keep the zoo clean,functioning and fun for all to enjoy.
Thanks for visiting, we hope to see you real soon!